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Our award winning Mediview Frame combines fashionable and ergonomic elements with our patented magnetic link system. It allows you to upgrade your current ‘flip-up’ loupe (Surgitel, Heine, Keeler, Zeiss Smart and most clones) and progress to the Hogies Mediview Frame for superior levels of comfort and stability. The Hogies MediView is a household name amongst the surgical and dental professions throughout Europe, USA, South-East Asia, Japan, and of course Australia and New Zealand.  It is the benchmark by which all like products are compared. Combined with patented, designed triple articulated magnetic links, the Hogies MediView is most suitable for an upgrade from most other loupes.
MV 016 - Matt Black
MV 017 - Gloss Black
MV 018 - Light Blue
MV 019 - Gold Matt
MV 021 - Green Matt
MV 022 - Smoke Grey
MV 023 - Metallic Blue
MV 025 - Pink Matt
MV 026 - Metallic Red
MV 027 - Gloss Purple
MV 029 - Fluro Pink
MV 031 - Fluro Green
MV 032 - Gloss Yellow
MV 033 - Gloss White