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Standard Anglo bridge (MO 021 & MO 024)

The standard Anglo Bridge is the most suitable for western faces and nose types. It allows for maximum distribution of the weight across the nose surface.

 Half-moon Asian bridge (MO 025)                                   

 Many Asian nasal features may require this bridge profile. The half-moon profile may also be used if the dentist wishes use his/her own spectacles and not the prescription lens adaptor. In such a case the protective shield cannot be used and the half-moon fitting may be located either in front of or behind the dentist’s own spectacles. Most Asian facial features have the eyebrows located substantially higher that the upper eyelid. In these cases it would be normal to locate the magnetic bridge plate at its highest point. (I.e. at a point furthest from actual nose pad.)  

  Mediterranean bridge (MO 013)                                            

For those with generous nasal features the HOGIES Mediterranean profile. The Mediterranean profile has a shorter indexed plate. The magnetic bridge  plate will be located at its lowest point ( i.e. at a point closest to the actual nose pad)  that the frame may be located adjacent to the dentist’s eyebrows

Modified Asian bridge (MO 026)                                      

The Modified Asian profile should be considered the bridge  profile of first choice for all Asians. It provided a balance between weight  distribution and minus projection. (Minus projection is the aspect of the bridge  profile that will  determine the distance between the eyes and the loupe on the dentist’s face.) an example of this is: if the protective shield or the prescription lens is in contact the dentist’s cheeks, more minus projection is required. Conversely, if there is a large gap between the prescription lens and/or protective shield a bridge profile with less minus projections (e.g. the standard Anglo should be considered)