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Eyeguard Asian Bridge Hogies Eyeguard Asian Model: Our Hogies Eyeguard Asian Style Nose Bridge is a first. This nose bridge has been specifically designed for the Asian nasal profile. Our Asian fitting uses a minus projection on the bridge and is fitted with a 15mm long extension to provide comfort and stability. A lack of a fitted nose bridge on standard safety spectacles causes spectacles to sit on the cheek and block airflow which promotes fogging. The Hogies Eyeguard with the Asian bridge sits off the face providing comfort and promoting airflow. A Hogies Lanyard Cord is included. 

Hard case not included

NEGA 005 Gloss Black
NEGA 006 Gloss Gold
NEGA 008 Gloss Purple
NEGA 012 Fluro Green/Gold
NEGA 014 Matt Orange
NEGA 002 Metallic Blue
NEGA 001 Metallic Red
NEGA 003 Gloss Green
NEGA 004 Gloss Silver
NEGA 007 Gloss Yellow
NEGA 009 Gloss Pink
NEGA 010 Gloss White
NEGA 011 Fluro Pink
NEGA 015 Matt Black/White Marble